I am one of the fortunate few who had the opportunity to grow up in beautiful Deep River, Ontario, Canada, and the privilege to live all across this great country. I spent my 20s in Toronto, right downtown, which gave me an appreciation for city living as well as a greater appreciation for small town living. I lived in beautiful British Columbia for a decade, specifically Chilliwack as well as Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Soon family and home was beckoning, so I packed up and with my pets made the long trek back to Ontario where I returned to the Ottawa Valley and have lived for the past 15 years in Pembroke.

I built an internet business that I have run for the past twenty years, designing, coding and maintaining commercial websites across North America. During this time, one of my best mates was a real estate agent whom I learned a lot from over the years. He thought I would be a perfect fit for real estate and a great match for him so we partnered together at Re/Max in Pembroke. He brings 25 years of success and experience and I bring a world of new technology and new ideas to the table. Our motto is "no pressure, just results" and this is what guides us. We don't use any pressure tactics - we try more to guide you through the entire process from start to finish and let it be your chosen journey!

My parents instilled an appreciation for family, nature, community, and that you could achieve any goal with hard work & determination. My father was born in Britain and worked as a nuclear scientist at what was formerly known as Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories (CRNL) now known as Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) in Deep River. My mother was also born in England and met my father in University in Wales and they married and emigrated to Canada when he found work at CRNL. My mother went on to be a Councilor and the Deputy Reeve for Deep River. My family's guidance shaped my belief structure to set goals, work hard, be fair, honest, give back to community, and live life to the fullest.